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What did you think?

This video series much like my life journey has been a journey of trial and error. I have tried a number of other formats to help people develop their intuition with varied levels of failure (and a little success) until developing this series of videos.

What became apparent was that establishing the foundation (the basis of the first 3 videos) is crucial for overall success, which is why I offered them to you for free.

In the next 8 videos we will take steps to further develop your intuition with the goal that in less than 3 months you can be tapping into your intuition on demand, making decisions with confidence, and creating new patterns of behavior that result in your TRANSFORMATION!

Are you ready for the transformation in your life? Are you ready to have ease making decisions? More energy at the end of the day, no more brain drain?

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I am excited that you are ready to take another step in your transformation! You must be ready to further develop confidence in your intuition so you can make decisions with clarity and ease, trust your inner knowing that you are making the best decisions for yourself, and still have energy to enjoy other areas of your life!

These are just a few of the benefits to TRUSTING Your Inner Knowing!

As an entrepreneur I make 100’s of decisions a day with ease, confidence, and without regret, allowing me to have energy at the end of the day vs being drained and dragging. You can have this too!


Only $47!

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What You’ll Receive Over The Next 9 Weeks:

In Week 4:

Learn mechanisms and tools to tap into your intuition that provide avenues for ease and success. These tools allow intuition to be more easily read, understood and developed.  

In Week 5:

Learn Dr Jenn’s tool for check in. It is part of her Synergy Activation Technique and how she has learned to check-in to her intuition on demand with ease and clarity. It allows her to ask and receive answers in a short span of time, quickly and easily.

In Week 6:

Learn how to start asking questions to develop trust with the information you are receiving from your intuition. Developing trust with your intuition allows you to access not just your conscious mind but your subconscious or unconscious mind and beyond to the Energy of Life!

In Week 7:

We will cover why it is so important to access your intuition especially when you want to make changes for transformation along with the many benefits of tapping into your intuition and trusting it.

In Week 8:

Learn what to do when you mind says one thing and intuition says something else, when you seem to get a maybe, when you seem to get a yes and a no, when you are just totally confused, and other such situations.

In Week 9:

We will discuss the benefits of continued practice and what can be gained from working with a professional. Schedule a 30 minute complementary discovery session with Dr Jenn.

In Week 10:

We will discuss clarity regarding the questions you are asking in relation to the information you are receiving. Learn how to ask the best questions to received the best, most accurate information for you.

In Week 11:

Review! We will highlight all the key points to tapping into your intuition on demand and trusting the information that comes through!

Bonus Videos:

Answer questions that you submit, so be sure to complete the link each week.

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Get the rest of the Intuition video series,
8 more videos plus bonus videos for only $47 (a $297 value!).

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