Still not convinced that you’re ready to take the next step? Read what Dr. Jenn’s clients have said about her life-changing services!

I went from overwhelm, uncertainty, daily pain, depression, and working a toxic job to landing with what I want with my own business and feeling more confident, happy, easy-going, and grounded in my own body. The amount of transformation that I experienced over the past year could not have been done without her support in that amount of time.

- Erin Passarello, PT, CST

I have attended every single one of Dr. Jenn's group healing sessions. They are too valuable to miss. She provides, through her channeling, practical and unique tools to empower ourselves in our own healing and transformation. She clears beliefs, creating the path for us to walk with an ease that seems unimaginable and in such a way that I develop my own intuition in the process.

I find myself connecting to my own vulnerability and it is then that I find myself at my most powerful. I feel I have the freedom now to step beyond my own self-doubt and live from a deeper inner knowing and authenticity. Trusting myself has transformed the relationship I have with myself and others. I have a greater awareness of how I self-sabotage and how to stop. I now have the confidence and courage to create more abundance, joy and balance in my daily life. I no longer seek or ask for validation from others. This one is huge for me. I feel good enough, I feel worthy enough.

- Emily Vorus

It was a life-long dream of mine to have a successful, operatic singing career. I studied for many years at the best institutions, with world-class teachers and coaches, but was never able to completely master my technique. I struggled with horrible body tension and anxiety and it felt like I was at war with my body.  I tried everything I could think of to overcome it including going to therapy. I thought I was going to have to live with the knowledge that I had quality voice, but it was going to stay trapped in my throat. Then I met Dr. Jenn and everything changed. After working for just a short while together, I started to sing in a whole new, RELAXED way. There was no strain. I honestly thought maybe I wasn’t working hard enough because it felt so easy. I never knew it could feel this good. I’m now ready to relaunch my career and reclaim my dream. I could not be more grateful to Dr. Jenn for helping me trust my body and my instincts at the deepest level.

- Heather Poduska, brand and business strategist, singer

I have to honestly say I am honored to have met Dr. Jenn and to be a patient of hers. Her chosen modalities work. She goes above and beyond while encompassing mind, body and spirit. These three areas work together as one to achieve balance. One cannot achieve balance without the other being in sync. Dr. Jenn will consider you as an individual for where you are and for where you desire to be. I would highly recommend her.

- Susan L Johnson

Dr. Jenn has helped me achieve a level of wellness that I didn’t know was possible. She is intuitive, caring and very good at what she does. She’s amazing!

- Christy Thompson

Dr. Jenn is amazing. The work I have done with her has been so beneficial in so many ways. The shift working with her happened instantaneously which made it so much lighter and easier to move through the issue. Whatever you are working through, I highly suggest working with Dr. Jenn! You’ll be glad you did.

— Lisa Linder

Phoenix indeed! I feel like I have risen out of my ashes as well. High quality, Compassionate and Efficient. Words cannot express my Gratitude.

— Meg Chamberlain

I hired Dr. Jenn because I was having difficulty trusting my instincts. Even though I had worked with several talented business coaches, I was still struggling to feel confident in my decisions. 

After just a few sessions with Dr. Jenn, I started to understand how to access and listen to what my body and inner voice was trying to tell me. I feel so much calmer and grounded! Not only am I more confident in my business decisions, I have a much stronger connection to my inner guidance for all of my decisions. 

There’s no better feeling than KNOWING you’re doing what’s most aligned for you! Thank you Dr. Jenn.

— Heather Poduska

I feel like I am in the best of both worlds. I’m in a state of productivity and action, a healthy masculine state, and I’m nurturing myself, having fun, and being in a state of feminine flow. And doing this with ease versus doing it with effort. Less trying and more unfolding.

— Dr. Deb Barnett

I’m a born skeptic, but Dr. Jenn is the real deal. I showed up to her door feeling broken, struggling with both physical and mental pain, and after only a few short months I feel transformed. I’m attracting more positive experiences and friends to my life and learning to open myself up to new possibilities. Dr. Jenn believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself, and one day you wake up wondering when your whole outlook on life shifted. It’s an incredible feeling, this transformation.

Even if you don’t completely understand what she does, you owe it to yourself to work with her!

- Jen McKnight, writer


"Dr Jenn dives underneath what you think your issue is and nails what is really going on so you can clear distracting thoughts, patterns, and energy and get on with your life. Even better than that, she frees you from crap you've been carrying around unnecessarily so you can thrive in your purpose."

- Jen Aly, Money Coach for Creatives

Dr. Jenn has directed a dramatic difference to my wellbeing. I connected with her after a particularly severe month of depression. I take medication for clinical depression but there are times it just isn't enough. I needed to shift my perspective — and then came Dr Jenn. I connected immediately with her. I was open to all that was to follow but there was no way to forecast the changes to come. 

Dr. Jenn is subtle & kind with questions, suggestions, & directions. Her "right on" intuitions are freakishly accurate & never cease to amaze me although it happened frequently. During my 8-month wonderfully enlightening journey, I have become a more calm, content, caring, & self confident woman. I have learned that self care is a must & I have the power to make choices guilt-free. I wholeheartedly recommend any interaction with Dr. Jenn in whatever way possible. Trust me when I say your wellbeing will improve!

- Dianne Parke