Is an IGNITE session right for you?

Are you ready to transform your life in unimaginable ways? Is there a warmth smoldering inside the core of your being, but something is holding back the spark? Do you ever feel the urge to light your soul on fire?

You’re already here, so I’m willing to bet the answer to these questions is YES!

Ignite session

There are three main reasons to book an IGNITE session with The Intuitive Phoenix:

  1. You’re feeling stuck and need help fast.

  2. You’re already receiving healing from a coach or other service, but you need a boost or some way to tie them together.

  3. You need a jumpstart to transformation.

Jumpstart your healing and transformation with an IGNITE session. IGNITE is the perfect opportunity to break through that metaphorical ceiling and get things moving.

IGNITE Your Inner Phoenix!

An IGNITE session is designed to clear blocks and provide all the benefits of Synergy Activation. It consists of:

  • One 90-minute session

  • One 30-minute follow-up session one week later

Together, we’ll clear those blocks in your life, ignite and align the pathways needed to achieve personal or professional goals, and address specific issues preventing you from healing and transforming your life. IGNITE sessions can also be used as supplements to other forms of coaching, healing, or support.

If you’re feeling stuck and need help fast, a basic IGNITE session is the perfect place to start!

IGNITE your healing today for just $547.

Commit to a year of quarterly sessions for $1999 (via four automatic draft payments) and SAVE!

Pay in full prior to the first session and get an additional 30-minute sessions (a $200 value) for FREE!

Call 828-490-7528 or complete a Discovery application to get started.

I hired Dr. Jenn because I was having difficulty trusting my instincts. Even though I had worked with several talented business coaches, I was still struggling to feel confident in my decisions.

After just a few sessions with Dr. Jenn, I started to understand how to access and listen to what my body and inner voice was trying to tell me. I feel so much calmer and grounded! Not only am I more confident in my business decisions, I have a much stronger connection to my inner guidance for all of my decisions.

There’s no better feeling than KNOWING you’re doing what’s most aligned for you! Thank you Dr. Jenn.
— Heather Poduska