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What does it mean to be intuitive?

Being intuitive means having an inexplicable ability to know or understand something without any direct evidence. Intuitive people are very empathetic, which means they can sense what others are thinking or feeling. As an intuitive healer, I’m highly attuned to the vibrational frequencies of my clients and our surroundings, allowing me to gather and use this information for your benefit.

Intuition isn’t rare. It’s an ability we can all tap into. With my guidance, I can help you unlock and harness those innate abilities so you can check in with yourself to make the decisions for your highest and best interest.

Are you intuitive?

Yes, I am an intuitive who has learned how to harness my abilities for the benefit of myself and others. Some might consider what I do psychic healing. The truth is that most psychics are simply highly attuned to their intuition in such a way that they’re able to provide insight for others.

What is intuitive healing?

Intuitive healing is all about communing with a person’s very being. As an intuitive healer and virtual psychic, I facilitate a client’s transformation in alignment with their innermost desires and needs.

Unlike conventional healing methods, intuitive healing leads to self-healing from the inside out. I help you understand that you are your most powerful healer, and together we can clear energy blocks preventing you from reaching your full potential.

How can I benefit from distance healing?

Intuitive healing doesn’t need to happen in person. Energy-based remote healing is a powerful form of healing the mind, body, and spirit from the comfort of your own home. During our virtual psychic healing session, I ask questions of your intuition and my own intuitive guides using a method I have developed over years of doing this work.

I respond to the information received by clearing blocks, creating alignment, and opening pathways within your whole being physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally on a conscious and subconscious level.

In other words, I focus on the intent to heal and perceive the energetic, vibrational information within your being and environment. I can then balance that energy with clear intentions, bringing balance back to your physical body and mind.

How can I benefit from a group healing session?

Group settings, whether virtual or in-person, can take healing sessions to a whole new level. When everyone gathers with the same intention, the vibrational energies are palpable and powerful.

Group healing is something you must experience to fully understand, so I highly suggest you attend a local or virtual energy healing session when possible. You can experience this healing as a standalone event or in conjunction with working with Dr. Jenn. View the upcoming virtual group healing sessions or the local events I host just outside Asheville, North Carolina.

Why should I work with a remote psychic healer?

Distance healers offer a level of privacy, comfort, and convenience that many clients prefer. In my own intuitive healing practice, I utilize Zoom video calls to provide a face-to-face healing experience no matter where you’re located in the world. I’m also available to clients within course offerings, group programs, and one-on-one private sessions. All this combined with access to private Facebook groups provide 24/7 connections.

Unlike other virtual psychics, however, I’m not a pay-per-minute psychic. I’m an intuitive healer, not a fortune teller, and working with me means having access to healing on an ongoing basis.

What are some common blocks that prevent people from living their best life?

Every client faces individual blocks and challenges, but major ones I consistently see in my practice include:

  • Childhood trauma.

  • Illness (past or chronic).

  • Perfectionism.

  • Toxic relationships.

  • Stress and overwhelm.

  • Worry and anxiety.

  • Not trusting intuition.

  • Lack of self-love or self-care.

  • Toxic work environments.

  • Lack of confidence.

  • Uncertainty or doubt.

  • Lack of worthiness.

  • Not feeling enough.

  • Decision fatigue.

  • Shame or guilt.

  • Feeling stuck.

  • Not knowing where to start.

Once we identify your key blocks, we can work toward clearing them and helping you live your best life.

Am I your ideal client?

My ideal client is someone who doesn’t want to settle, who’s ready for more out of life, and who wants to own her confidence and personal power. I mainly work with women entrepreneurs and business owners who have full plates but are ready to prioritize their healing and self-care.

My ideal client is:

  • Ready to achieve new results.

  • Committed to change and taking inspired, intentional action.

  • Enthusiastic.

  • Persistent.

  • Resilient.

  • Ready to show up for herself.

  • Open to new ideas.

  • Willing to take responsibility for her actions.

  • Available to schedule and show up for appointments.

  • Financially committed.

  • Able to follow through.

  • Knows what she’s good at.

  • Intelligent, creative, and even a bit off-beat!

You are not my ideal client if:

  • You need to be in control.

  • You already think you know everything or have exhausted your options.

  • You won’t take responsibility.

  • You are looking for someone else to do the work for you.

  • You are looking for the cheapest DIY option.

Why should I choose The Intuitive Phoenix?

If you’re ready to work with a healer you trust who:

  • Provides a loving, safe, non-judgmental space for healing,

  • Utilizes all her skills as an intuitive and healer,

  • Will be your biggest advocate and defender,

  • Will share what she has learned in terms of tips, tools, and skills so you can develop your own,

  • Recommends actions you can take today to achieve sustainable results,

. . . then we might be the right fit!

If you’re interested in working with me, set up a free Discovery Call to learn more!