Does this sound like YOU? (It was me).

  • You are tired of settling. The life you currently live isn’t bad, per se. In fact, you are grateful for what you do have . . . yet something is missing.

  • You crave a life that fires you up, has you laughing out loud, or makes you feel a deeper love and respect for yourself.

  • You’ve made some progress with self-help books, podcasts, social media challenges, and other free resources, but it's slow-going and you feel stuck.

  • You’re overwhelmed and afraid you may choose the wrong action, visit the wrong healer, take the wrong supplement, etc. and end up making things worse.

Does any of this resonate? Then ask yourself if:

  • You are ready to usher in your transformation and intuitive healing with ease.

  • You are willing to step outside your comfort zone with a doctor and intuitive healer who will match your effort 100%.

  • You want to discover your unique plan on which actions to take next.

  • You are ready to create and live a VIBRANT LIFE now, not in 5+ years.

If you said yes to any of these statements, schedule your discovery session. Let’s see if I am the right intuitive healer to help you create and live a vibrant life now!

The 30-minute complimentary Discovery Call gives us both an opportunity to get to know more about each other. I will ask questions to determine if our working together can lead you to the results and benefits you are ready to achieve. Not only that, but I will help you uncover the top three blocks preventing you from living the life you love NOW.

During the Discovery Call, don’t be afraid to ask questions to gain more clarity about me and my services. By the end of the Discovery Call, we will both know if working together is the best option — and you’ll have a better understanding of the top three blocks keeping you from living your best life.

Ready to get started?


Hear what Erin has to say about the shifts she has experienced from working with Dr. Jenn:

Dr. Jenn has helped me achieve a level of wellness that I didn’t know was possible. She is intuitive, caring and very good at what she does. She’s amazing!
— Christy Thompson
Working with Dr. Jenn, The Intuitive Phoenix, has been instrumental to some very big, positive changes in my life. The more I work with her, the greater my clarity, confidence and trust in my own intution grows.
— Tena Moore