6 Benefits of Daily Affirmations (And 5 Affirmations to Try Right Now)

Despite the stigma, talking to yourself is a completely normal practice we all engage in at one time or another. In fact, talking to yourself is good for your mental health—as long as you’re having a positive conversation. Affirmations foster a positive mental attitude to put you in a better mind-space for positive thinking and self-empowerment, which is why I encourage my clients to use them in their daily lives.

Daily affirmations offer a range of proven benefits:

They Motivate Us

Reciting affirmations can motivate us to hold onto truths when we’re struggling. For instance, if you tell yourself that you’re a good worker, you’re more motivated to complete a task than if you constantly say, “man, I’m lazy!” Your thoughts can quite literally manifest reality and motivate your actions.

They Improve Our Quality of Life

Practicing positive affirmations makes you feel more optimistic and happier with a clearer perspective on what you want in life. People who recite daily affirmations are more focused and capable of making the right decisions in difficult situations.

They Boost Confidence

Positive affirmations help you learn to be the best version of yourself, so you no longer have to pretend to be anyone else. When you tell yourself that you’re confident and capable, you’re more likely to embody those beliefs.

They Lead to Better Health

Science has proven that people who think positively feel better and live longer lives compared to those who don’t. Negative thinkers tend to experience sleep problems, tense muscles, and pain on top of depressive thoughts. Rather than get caught up in negative emotions, focus on positive affirmations in the face of stress or destructive thoughts. You’ll start to feel better both mentally and physically.

They Cultivate Better Relationships

Positive affirmations can help you make better first impressions. Just think, if you tell yourself that you attract ease in all areas of your life, including your relationships with others, you’re more likely to walk into a social setting with confidence. Your friendships and romantic relationships enjoy an instant boost!

They Set Us Up For Success

Since positive affirmations help us focus on all the good in our lives rather than the failures, we’re more open to learning or trying new things. Don’t be surprised if you experience more success in your career after practicing positive affirmations.

The best way to get started in harnessing the power of daily affirmations is to simple start saying them every day. You’ll probably feel silly at first, but keep at it until you feel your beliefs shifting in a more positive direction. If you’re having trouble remembering to recite daily affirmations, create a vision board or other physical reminder of your intention and keep it in your office.

5 Affirmations You Can Try Right Now!

While you can use any affirmation that feels right to you in that moment, here are some of ones I frequently recommend for my clients.

“I Am Safe”

When we’re safe throughout our whole body and being, the decisions we make are expansive. We’re able to look at more possibilities, tap into our full potential, and make choices that support us thriving.

It’s essential to feel safe. When we don’t feel safe within ourselves—which can come from experiences as far back as childhood—we tend to play it safe or make choices from a place of survival. Telling yourself daily that you are safe gives yourself the support you need to maximize your potential.

“I Attract Ease Into All Areas of My Life”

Who wouldn’t like to experience life with more ease? Unfortunately, many of us were raised with the belief that hard work pays off and that when something comes easy it has less meaning or isn’t as valuable. I encourage you to challenge this notion. In my experience, living life with less stress, less struggle, and less hard work is possible! Speak that scenario into existence!

“I Have Faith in Me”

We’re often our biggest obstacle because we get in our own way. Increasing our faith in ourselves boosts our ability to find and fulfill our life’s potential. If you’ve ever been the type to doubt yourself or engage in negative self-talk, consider adding this affirmation to your daily routine.

“I Love Myself Unconditionally”

We’re our own worst critics. This affirmation of loving yourself unconditionally is a reminder that practicing self-love is where it all starts—even when you feel like you’ve screwed up.

“I Am My Most Powerful Healer”

We are our own most powerful healers. Anything that our bodies create or experience, we have the power to heal. Know that you can tap into your own healing power and see your life transform.

Focusing on healing yourself isn’t meant to be used exclusively—you should tap into your own power along with the support of friends, accountability partners, or healing professionals—but understanding that you are your most powerful healer provides an increased benefit. In fact, many people experience better results when dealing with medical issues once we clear out past traumas and blocks getting in the way of their own healing.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to positive affirmations. Consistency gives you focus to create these new beliefs to overtake any negative ones you’ve held onto for years or even decades. Thankfully, it doesn’t take that long to create new beliefs as long as you’re willing to commit to the process and follow through. For additional support, work with me and together we can make these affirmations reality in your life.