5 Ways to Live a Life You Love Now

Most of us had big dreams as children. We were all going to grow up and become astronauts, surgeons, or world leaders (I myself wanted to be either a firefighter, tractor-trailer driver, or garbage collector so I could ride around in a big truck all day). We’d have extravagant weddings, loving families, and all the money and free time we needed to travel the world.

Remember how it felt when someone asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up? The possibilities for mapping out our lives seemed endless then.

And then we grew up.

Reality hit. Adults got involved in shaping our dreams and directing our paths toward whatever they deemed “successful.” Our dreams became limited, and we started to limit ourselves.

But those possibilities are still there. We just need to dig deep enough to find them again amongst the judgments, beliefs, and opinions that have influenced us over the years.

Whether you never landed your dream job, a long-term relationship ended, or you’re just feeling stuck for other reasons, it’s still possible to live a life you love. And I’m talking about living a life you love now, not when life somehow morphs into the picture you’d always imagined.

But how can you start living and loving your life as it is? Here are a few steps you can take.

Decide to Live a Life You Love

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Before anything else, you must first decide to live a life you love. Since you’re here reading this post, I have no doubt that you’ve already made that decision and are looking for ways to manifest it, so congratulations! You’re already on the right path!

Start Creating Your Own Rules

The best advice I have for anyone looking to live a life they truly love is to quit living by someone else’s rules. Creating your own rules means tuning in, listening to your heart, and getting to know yourself, which sounds simple enough, but way too many of us fail in this department.

In the modern world, it’s so easy to get out of tune with ourselves. When we do check in and get to know ourselves (like we were able to do as children), our own rules can seem too big, too far out there, or they seem illogical because of all the noise we receive from society’s opinions.

Yes, it’s often easier to follow the rules, but breaking free and creating your own rules to live by is a liberating experience. Creating your own rules allows you to reconnect with your emotions, creativity, and desires. It means checking in with your own intuition, letting go of what’s not longer serving you, and making the choices you really want in life, even if doing so is scary.

Make a Vision Board

Image via  Flickr  by marissabracke

Image via Flickr by marissabracke

If creating your own rules sounds challenging, it’s time to check in with yourself and figure out what you really want out of life. Creating a vision board can help.

Also known as dream boards, vision boards are visual representations of your dreams, aspirations, and ideal life. You can use them for goal-setting, motivation, and inspiration. There’s no right or wrong way to make a vision board, and you can incorporate empowering affirmations, quotes, and images that inspire and motivate you.

Keep your dream board in a place where you’re likely to see it often, such as your desk or nightstand. Spend some time each day affirming, visualizing, and internalizing your goals, all while acknowledging what you’ve already accomplished.

You’d be surprised by how quickly your mindset changes when you clearly define how you want to live your life.

If making a vision board seems overwhelming at the moment, start listing things you hope to accomplish or attain. Add to this list as you think of new visions for your life. You can always change your mind or tweak things as you gain clarity.

Find Your Tribe

Spending time with likeminded people allows you to build valuable relationships, learn more about yourself, share enjoyable experiences, and reach out when you need a non-judgmental ear. If you’ve ever dealt with a toxic friend or family member, you know just how draining it can be.

Being with people who build you up instead of sapping your joy is key to living a life you love. But sometimes finding your ideal community is easier said than done.

If you’re struggling to “find your tribe,” first do some self-reflection to figure out what kind of people you want taking up space in your life. Once you have a better understanding of what your tribe looks like, start attending meetups, trying new activities, or joining online groups most likely to connect you with your ideal community.

Attend a Retreat

Since living a life you love is all about discovering yourself and what you want out of life, I highly recommend attending events that give you ample opportunities for self-reflection and introspection.

Retreats offer long-term benefits that improve your overall well-being long after you return to the real world. Even if you can’t physically attend an event, I’ve designed a virtual healing retreat to foster and support a higher level of transformation results with your goals and intentions in mind. Learn how to create thriving goals that prioritize your unique life’s purpose without all the stress that typically comes from a traditional conference.

Living a life you love is more attainable than you may think. When you’re mindful of your dreams, connected to your community, and bold enough to live the way you want to live, everything else falls into place. Let’s work together to ensure you’re living your authentic, courageous self!