Create Your Own Rules and Live Your Best Life NOW!

How often have you come across the phrase “Rules to Live By?” Whether you’ve happened upon a spiritual guru with his “7 Essential Rules for Living Your Best Life,” or an inspirational author touting “10 Rules for Positive Living,” this common expression is found all over the internet and tucked away in every bookstore’s self-help section.

And it’s a nice thought. Having a list of rules to follow can help clarify just about any circumstance, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you’re seeking out someone else’s rules?

What if you created your own instead?

throw out the rule book

In 2019, I’m challenging you to do just that. Create your own rules. This means tuning in, listening to your heart, and getting to know yourself.

Creating your own rules also allows your own brand of creativity to shine, allowing the real you to be fully expressed.

Creating your own rules to live by sounds pretty easy, right? And yet far too many of us fail to recognize what is deeply important to us.

Living by someone else’s rules takes our own desires out of the equation, so it’s time we revisit the things that are deeply important to us on a personal level. Doing so helps us better sculpt our own unique guidelines for living.

Far too often, creating our own rules seems too BIG. How many times have you felt that it’s easier to do what you’re told rather than break out on your own and play a leading role?

I get it; it’s often easier to just follow the rules and do what’s expected.

In fact, I could name countless of examples of times when I chose to follow the rules:

  • I wanted my family to love me, so I followed their rules.

  • I sought approval from my teachers, so I worked hard at being the perfect student, doing exactly what I was told.

  • When I grew up, I was the hard worker who went above and beyond so my bosses would tell me “good job!”

I was the Positivity QUEEN because you could pretty much expect me to show up and see the positive in everything. Even when it came to circumstances that weren’t so clear-cut, I’d joke that if only someone handed me a book that told me how to do it all right the first time – all for the love and approval of others.

To feel like I was enough.

To feel like I belonged.

Breaking Free From the Rules

break free from the rules

When I connected with chiropractic care, I thought I’d finally found my purpose in life. And yet it never felt completely right.

I learned that it was never enough to solely address underlying physical causes—true healing went much deeper than that.

All those years I spent being the Positivity Queen meant I had denied so much of myself, stuffed my feelings in a box and, in most cases, not acknowledged aspects of my life that weren’t so positive.

Even worse, I had stuffed my creativity into that box and locked it tight along with my emotions.

Becoming an entrepreneur was one of the most difficult steps I have ever taken in life because it meant creating my own job description. All of the expectations, business details, and red tape were determined by none other than me. There was no longer a rule book!

I’d spent years looking to coaches who offered their own rule books, but I couldn’t shake my own thoughts and feelings. I couldn’t get out of my own way, and that was both liberating and scary all at the same time.

Reconnecting With My Emotions and Creativity

Creating my own rules meant reconnecting with my creative side.

Creating my own rules meant reconnecting with my creative side.

It wasn’t until years after I’d established my practice and started to hone my intuition and psychic abilities that those locked-down emotions and creative juices start to reemerge. And when they did, it felt so right!

I was working with a coach at the time and I shared my intention to leave chiropractic to pursue this avenue of healing, and he gave me—a 40-something, headstrong woman who doesn’t make decisions lightly—a stern talking-to. He tried putting me in place, keeping me in line, and you know what? I fired him!

That moment launched a two-year journey of getting to know myself. It forced me to recognize what I wanted in life, how to cultivate my intuitive abilities, how to allow my creativity to flow, how to heal myself, and how to fully emerge as The Intuitive Phoenix!

Letting the creativity flow!

Letting the creativity flow!

Not only have I learned how to break the rules that someone else has set, but I’ve discovered how to CREATE my own rules, and it has absolutely changed my life!

Yes, I am always here to facilitate, clear, and serve as a guide for your healing process, but it’s more about what we bring to the table together.

Don’t wait for everything to be all lined up, spelled out, and clear from start to finish because things rarely show up like that. The perfect circumstance is typically knowing only the next step and feeling excited about one piece of the puzzle, even if you can’t make any sense of how everything will come together.

If you wait for the entire plan to present itself like in a book, living a life you love can only occur on paper and not in your own life.

The perfect circumstance is one that feels really good and juicy for you; it feels so clear that it’s pulling you in a direction you can’t ignore, or it’s the niggling in your brain that keeps saying, “this is it,” or “this is what I need to do.”

Live the life you want now despite what’s going on around you. Don’t wait until it looks perfect on the outside. That is not where the magic happens.

Of course, you’ll still have bad days. You’ll get disconnected. Even I do, but I don’t live there anymore. I’ve thrown the traditional advice about living and building a business out the window to pave my own path, and you can too.

If you’re ready to create your own rules, I’m here to help you figure out how to do just that. Book your free Discovery session to get started!