Intuitive Healing Session: Opening the Pathways to Heal Lyme Disease

I recently sat down with business mentor and coach Emma Churchman for a live remote healing session, and let me tell you, what a powerful experience it was! From the moment Emma connected to the video session, we experienced video feedback and echoing despite restarting and making technical adjustments several times. Emma said, “it could be that there’s a lot of energy moving,” and I couldn’t agree more! We are pretty badass!

If you’re curious about the work I do as an intuitive healer, this live healing session with Emma is a prime example.

Addressing Beliefs

One of the first things I do during a remote psychic healing session is to intuitively home in on certain beliefs we need to address and clear. In Emma’s case, there were some blocks to these beliefs:

·       My thoughts and intentions are aligned to my best and highest good.

·       It is safe to be heard.

Many of you who watch my video sessions for the first time have wondered what I’m doing when I close my eyes and “clear.” I typically close my eyes to better receive information clearly and easily, and then I energetically respond to that information to clear blocks within a person’s body and being. These blocks can be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

When I “clear” a blocked belief, I use my intuition and psychic abilities to create pathways for that particular belief to be held and achieved with ease. Using this method, I’m able to strengthen these vibrations and pave the way for someone like Emma to embody these beliefs.

Soul-Led Healing

soul-led healing

Since Emma didn’t have any other beliefs to address, I checked in with my intuition to see what direction we needed to go in next. It was obvious to me that we needed to move in the direction that Emma herself wanted to go.

Given our previous conversations, it was no surprise that Emma needed to explore issues related to her health — specifically Lyme disease, which she was diagnosed with about six months ago. Since her diagnosis, Emma has explored different protocols designed to kill off and help her body release the bacteria. She’s been getting blood work done which, as she says, is the “technical, rational, logical look at what’s happening,” but she’s seeking an intuitive sense of her body’s willingness to heal, as well as its willingness to release the toxins and what no longer serves her highest good.

Uncovering a Past Life Connection

During Emma’s session, I sensed a connection between a past life and her Lyme disease. It’s an old past life that, for some reason, has been triggered in this lifetime. Emma was quiet for a moment and then said, “you are not the first person to suggest to me that this is a past life issue and that it’s directed to one particular lifetime.”

We did some clearing around that past life and I sensed that there was something more she could do — some action she could take — but that it’s already something she’s considered. My statement resonated with Emma because she said, “I need to apologize for all of the people that I slaughtered in a past lifetime, because in a past lifetime, apparently, I was quite the asshole and I was in a position of power and did some really, really shitty stuff.”

Diving into issues carried over from our past lives is never easy, so it’s understandable why Emma wouldn’t want to spend much time thinking about the atrocities committed during a past life. Even so, the recommendations I give people come through from a higher power — from a guide, from our higher selves, whatever you want to call it — so it’s important to follow through on intuitive advice no matter how painful you might think the process will be.  

I asked Emma, “in this case, if somebody came to you, sharing that they had done some really ugly things, what would be your response or your recommendation to them?”

She said, “I might begin with suggesting that they forgive themselves for what happened.”

Forgiveness is often a crucial first step on the path to healing.

Calling on Self-Love


After exploring a few other incidents in Emma’s life related to the Lyme disease, I asked if she wanted to check in on anything that may have come up since the session started.

She said, “I feel a lot of sadness in my heart.”

I encouraged her to look inside herself and find the places where self-love resides. Once she found it, I asked her to put her energy, focus, and love into those places and watch the energy expand and get brighter. People visualize and feel this type of energy in different ways, but the key is to spread that feeling, that energy, or that color until it embodies every aspect of your being and then expands beyond it.

The main message I have for you is that love absolutely resides within you — it’s always there, it’s always available, and we can, in a matter of seconds, encompass ourselves in that feeling or state of being. During Emma’s session we did it with self-love, but you can do it with abundance, with creativity, with personal power, or any other feeling you need in that moment. My recommendation to Emma was that she practice this exercise at least once a day, but also anytime she feels disconnected from self-love or any other feeling/belief.

As Emma said at the end of the live healing session, “I like how you were very empowering of me — that I have the power to heal, to raise my own vibration.”

And that’s the key takeaway. Love, love, love yourself. Whatever that love looks like, the more you can do it, the more moments of every day that you can experience it, self-love will only enhance everything that you do.

I’m sending health, love, and ease in your transformation until we connect again!

Emma Churchman is a business mentor who works with conscious entrepreneurs to help them grow their empires. “Money mindset and soul alignment and embodiment” is her focus. She also has a Master of Divinity from a seminary and is Dr. Jenn’s business mentor and coach. Connect with Emma on her website.